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RECOMMENDATION:  If you are one of our recommenders, find a form to print and fill for a student HERE.  Find instructions for completion HERE.

INFORMAL INTERVIEWS: Several times of year we visit different areas of the country for group interviews.  Our recommenders are informed about the time and place of our informal, group interviews and will notify potential candidates of when we will be in the area.

APPLICATION: If you are a student, find the application to print and fill HERE.  Please also print the instructions for completion HERE.

Applications are only accepted when accompanied by a recommendation by one of our partners.


REVIEW: Your application and accompanying materials will be reviewed by a team who is dedicated to finding Uganda's best and brightest. We examine each application with care, looking for candidates who demonstrate leadership, good character as well as high performance. Since KUZA Uganda focuses on the whole child, marks are not the only thing taken into account.

PREVIEW RETREAT: Our next preview retreat will be in January 2018 for the school year beginning in 2018.

RESULTS FROM FORM 4:  If your application is accepted and you attend the preview retreat and are approved, it is of the utmost importance that you submit your marks from Form 4 immediately after you receive them.  Failure to do so will result in your exclusion from the program.


RANKING:  After completing all the above steps, the candidates are ranked. Students are ranked according to review of application, retreat observation, KUZA Brand qualities, and results.  At least 2 staff members participate in this process.

FINAL SELECTION:   Once a student is notified of acceptance into KUZA Uganda, it is very important that they communicate well with the staff. Failure to communicate may jeopardize the scholarship. There is an orientation for students and families at the beginning of the program.  Welcome to the KUZA Family!