Bless you, my friends, for asking how my trip to KUZA Uganda was in January!  I often manage a brief "Amazing!" or "Best.  Trip.  Ever."  when you ask.  But what I really mean is.... whole group smaller

OH MY!  How KUZA is growing!  We welcomed 45 high school and university students for our Leadership Retreat this January.  We rented a bus & drove this crew over to Makerere University, Uganda's finest university, so kids could get a taste of what campus life is like.  Current KUZA University students led us around campus & Jenni was there to grab some fun photos of the day!  Here,  Innocent (Left) and Moses goof around....

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.17.17 PM

small houseHOW DO YOU HOST A LEADERSHIP RETREAT FOR 45 KIDS?  Thankfully we now have a really, really BIG KUZA Home for our team.  In December, we relocated to this lovely home--Yes, everything you see here is a part of the home!  University students live here while school's in session, and high school students crash here for leadership retreats.  We now have room to grow!  Literally, we have a large garden out back where kids are looking forward to planting food for the house!

D kids together smallAnother personal highlight was being there when our SENIORS checked into school to start their final year of high school (the school year runs February-November).  Pictured here (L to R):  Emmanuel Akena, Isaac, Beatrice, Samuel and Phoebe.  This year, our seniors are at Seeta High School Green Campus, a beautiful, new school on the outskirts of Kampala.  Just for grins, check out the school site here:

And lastly....  It's with a SMILE on my face that I present to you our *NEW* Class of students... please welcome Cohort E!  This is our largest cohort to date (they're not even all pictured here!) and we're looking forward to really diving into the lives of these 17 students these next two years while they finish high school and become a part of KUZA family.

E tiny

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.03.11 PM

(And one more... because I couldn't resist a picture that captures what's REALLY going on!)

THANK YOU friends and supporters who have brought KUZA this far!