Meet three of our new students!  15 new members of "Cohort E" joined KUZA in March, and have settled into their Junior Year at Seeta High School in Kampala, where many of them have already taken up leadership positions at the school.  We're hearing good reports about all the students of Cohort E! Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.59.50 AM


17 year old industrious Rebecca comes from Soroti, Eastern Uganda. She is friendly and jolly.  She is a very influential leader and looks out for the wellbeing of others.  She has been involved in the children's ministry in church and is gifted in dancing and singing. She wants to inspire and help street children.  She has dedicated and supportive parent who do all the can to push her forward, but they are extremely poor and have struggled to keep her in school.  I personally met Rebecca in August of 2014, where she stood out in the first interview process.  I'm so glad she joined our E Cohort!


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Not only does she have an easy-to-remember first name, Ice has a charming personality that's hard to forget!  She comes from Kamutarindwa Village in Kashasha--the South Western part of Uganda (very close to the Rwandan boarder). Click on the link above to see how remote her village is, and how beautiful the forest is that surrounds it.

Ice comes from a polygamous family, with 18 children. She is very dedicated to her education, but has struggled to stay in school and before joining KUZA, missed 3 years of school. Against all odds, Ice smiles on in hope for a bright future.  She hopes to be a successful, God-fearing business woman and an ambassador for her community.  She's passionate about developing communities and promoting gender equality.

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Joels is an 18 year old boy from one of Uganda's larger cities, Masaka, in Central Uganda.  He is a good student, obedient, focused and cooperative. He has a good sense of humor and brightens up every one around him. He's also a great soccer player and has served on the leadership team at school.  During his holidays from school, he works at a fishing site to raise some money.

After his father passed away, his mother has struggled to keep her six children in school.  Joel had to missed school off and on throughout his early years, but he was bright and determined, and his academic performance has been solid. He is studying sciences with the dream of one day becoming a doctor.


These three were fully funded for their first year with KUZA, thanks to the generous support of our Global Giving community!  Thank you! If you'd like to sponsor one of these students next year, click here and write their name in the comments box.  Thank you for making it possible for young leaders like these to finish high school!