Laughter. High-Fives. Grins. The smell of a charcoal stove. The whispers of enthusiasm. Suitcases. Bunkbeds. And the obligatory rooster wandering around the place, occasionally adding his voice to the melange of sounds. Such were the sights at KUZA House in August when 17 young men and women moved into the house a few weeks back. Many of our kids come from small villages from remote parts of Uganda.  Coming to Kampala--and especially coming to study at university--is changing the trajectory of their future. They know they are experiencing something that will radically improve their family and the future of their community. To say they're excited would be an understatement!

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This year's incoming class of "Freshers" (first-year students) are an inspiring bunch!

Of the 8 Freshers that KUZA is sponsoring this fall, all 8 were accepted to Makerere University, Uganda's best university.  5 of them were offered government grants! This is a big deal!  These guys are setting the standard high for future KUZA classes.

This year, we have students pursuing degrees in Medicine, Law, Social Work, Community Psychology, Agriculture & Development, Architecture and Business. We look forward to watching these young leaders continue to develop these next few years while they are in school and living at KUZA House!

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P.S. Wonder why this article only mentions Back-to-School for our University students?  The high school calendar year runs February to December in Uganda. Currently, our Juniors and Seniors are tucked away in boarding school, studying hard for their 3rd term exams!  Prayers and good thoughts for them as they study hard for these challenging exams!