KUZA high school students are looking forward to the upcoming August retreat held at KUZA house. The students expressed a desire to learn more about their own personal strengths and how they might fit into their purpose in life so the retreat will focus on how to live a purposeful life! The High Schoolers will finish their second term around August 8th, just as the KUZA US team headed by executive director Sara Reamy touches down in Uganda for a trip aimed at supporting KUZA Uganda and KUZA students.


This term has had its ups and downs for KUZA but the students are determined to persevere. Numerous students battled sickness with malaria while striving to study hard and stay focused. Examples of hard work in academics and commitment to KUZA family have been amazing according to KUZA Uganda staff members. We recently heard that KUZA parents continue to embrace taking on KUZA family responsibilities.  On the first day of the second term, new KUZA student Dorothy’s dad stayed at the boarding school’s entrance till late one evening just to make sure all KUZA high school students had arrived and checked in safely! We can’t wait untill Sara and the rest of the team traveling in August return to be able to share more stories and updates! Please keep Sara and her family, the retreat, KUZA students, and KUZA Uganda staff in your prayers as we prepare for this upcoming trip.



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Send a letter  to your sponsored KUZA student – it will mean so much to him/her to hear from you and your family! Thank you for postmarking by August 1ST! This letter will be hand delivered by Director Sara Reamy in August!

You can email the content of your letter and a photo to erin@wearekuza.org OR mail it to: KUZA PROGRAM, PO BOX 80652, PORTLAND, OR 97280