Written by Katherine Reamy, daughter of director Sara Reamy, Age 17 photo (4)

As we climbed onto the bus we were greeted by 22 smiling faces illuminated by their colorful new KUZA shirts. Team spirit was in the air as we bumped down the red dirt road and out into the Ugandan country side to the Africa Loves Compound.

Africa Loves is a beautiful home for street boys being relocated from the slums of Kampala. Africa Loves is nestled in calm green fields surrounded by lush hills and trees. Today we got to see the KUZA family in action as our students spent time with the Africa Loves boys.

KUZA students spent the day serving these young boys in as many ways as possible. As the day progressed I was impressed again and again by the quiet leadership and servanthood exhibited by the KUZA students. The day started with a church service which was translated by one of our students named Brian. After a delicious lunch cooked by some of the Africa Loves boys, KUZA students began the    service portion of the trip. While the girls did dishes and helped clean up the meal the boys wound their way down to the soon to be chicken coup. This chicken coup was only missing one thing... a floor. The KUZA boys rolled up their sleeves and set to work mixing cement. As the older boys poured, chopped, and mixed, the younger boys gathered around to watch and learn. Many hands make light work and after several rotations the chicken coup had a beautiful new floor.

photo (3)

It was amazing to see the KUZA team in action as they invested time, energy, and love into this group of young boys. When it came time to leave KUZA students passed out letters to their pen palls in the bunch. As we boarded the bus the Africa Loves boys gathered around to give us a fond farewell, with a formal round of handshakes, hugs, and lots of waving. Today we got to see the KUZA family at work in their community, investing in, and loving boys less privileged then themselves. It was a truly amazing day!