(Written by Katherine Reamy, age 17, daughter of director Sara Reamy) James was beaming from ear to ear as we sped down Jinja road and made our way into Kampala city. Trees floated past our windows but James took little noticed because he was preoccupied with the excitement of starting University. The nervous excitement kept his fingers tapping and a tiny grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. He had put on his best clothes for the occasion. And he's right to be excited! Coming from a family of farmers in an African village means that University is not only exciting, but a life changing event.

When we arrived at the KUZA house we found that James was not the only one who had dressed for the occasion. Both new and returning University students had put on their best clothes. The air was laced with excitement as they proudly gave us a tour of their new rooms and the bunk beds they set up. Everyone was in a flurry as they unpacked their bags and settled in.


To celebrate their achievement we had a welcome home dinner for all of the "Uni" students. Seated around a long table sharing food and tea the KUZA students swapped stories and advice. Over the course of the meal the older students imparted their words of wisdom to these excited first year students. New students leaned in to hear these helpful hints as they tried to prepare for what was ahead. Old and new alike, everyone is excited for University which begins on Monday!