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*New & Improved* KUZA House

IMG_0199 17 students now live in KUZA House!  Earlier this summer we moved to a new location... Why the move?  To be closer to the universities and to better meet the needs of our growing KUZA university population.

The new house is situated on a quiet street on Lubaga Hill, just down the street from the Catholic church.  While university is in session, 17 students live at the house, pitching in to cook and clean to keep the house running smoothly. A house mum oversees the day to day operations.

During the high school holidays, we host 2 dozen high school students for retreats at the house.  Students love to come to the city and explore!  For some of our students, coming to KUZA is the first time they've left their villages to visit the city.


The new KUZA House even has guest rooms, equipped to comfortably house up to 4 guests. The US team stayed here in August, and experienced some of the quietest nights they've ever had in Uganda!  In the future, these rooms will be rented to generate income for KUZA Uganda.


All students share rooms, and our handy open closets mean they can easily store things within sight (and see what clothes a roommate might have to share!)


Our neighbors have lovely gardens that can be glimpsed from our balcony. Our yard is a flat grassy field.... perfect for hosting 60 people to Vision Day 2015 or playing an impromptu game of soccer.


Our peek-a-boo view of the city is gorgeous any time of day.

Come visit any time. Rest a while. And experience life with KUZA family at KUZA House.


Summer 2015 Student Gifts


KUZA Students love getting gifts, and let's face it, it's fun to give!  This year's gift pack is full of useful gifts that are just perfect for our high school and university students.

Gift packs are only $35 this year and are sure to bring a smile.

Even if you don't sponsor a student, you can send a gift!

Sara & Co. are heading to Uganda in August and will deliver any letter and photo that you want to send along.  Students love hearing from you!  Please take a second to find a card, write a brief message of encouragement, and pop it in the mail.

Send to: KUZA PO Box 80652, Portland OR 97280 or email a message to



Ever wanted to work for KUZA?

Now you can!  We're looking for another team member to join our creative, dedicated, passionate, Africa-loving team! If you have a friend, neighbor or even carpool with someone who loves to take a vision and make it bigger, send them our way!  We're looking for someone with past development experience who would be excited about KUZA's specific vision and would love to invite people to join our cause.  Read more about the job here... and pass the word along.  Thanks!

AND.... If you're not a development specialist but still want to get involved in KUZA's work in Uganda, our Party with a Purpose team would be a great place to connect and plug in! Email to get involved in the planning for our October event!