we can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


It takes a village to raise a child, and at KUZA we seek the contribution of others to raise transformational leaders.

Join the KUZA family by partnering with us in one of the following ways.

SPONSOR A STUDENT:  It is amazing to see young people emerge from destitution to become servant leaders using their skill, knowledge and abilities to make a difference in their families and communities. Connect to one or more of these amazing young people and build a relationship while making their dreams come true! 

We seek ongoing financial donations to make our programs a success. Suggested monthly categories include: 

150,000 UGX/month ($60/USD)  Join a team of sponsors to offer 25% support the education of one future leader at one of Uganda's top schools.

300,000 UGX/month ($120/USD) Your contribution of 300,000/month will provide 50% sponsorship for a student enabling the student to participate in leadership training, as well as provide a quality education.

600,000 UGX/month ($240/USD) Provide everything a student needs to fully participate in KUZA Uganda's transformational program. This monthly amount allows you to be the sole sponsor of your student. You will have the chance to encourage, support and come along side a young person who is on the path to transformation.  Team with your office mates or gather your cell members/ friends and family to support a student at this level. 

Read more about students in need of sponsorship HERE.

GIVE A GENERAL GIFT: Every shilling makes a difference in the lives of our students! Give any amount of money towards the running of our programs! We commit to good stewardship of all the support we receive. Our annual audits will enable you to feel confident that your shillings reach the intended target.

Find out more about HOW TO DONATE.

MENTOR A STUDENT: Create an impact by investing in the life of a young leader. You do not have to be perfect, you have to be committed to walking with them, sharing their journey and helping them to become the best they can be. You provide the time and talent, we'll connect you with a student who will benefit greatly from your expertise.

OFFER AN INTERNSHIP/ VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  Offer our intelligent and driven students an opportunity to learn skills and gain experience while they offer a service to the community.  Our students are sure to set the bar high in integrity, work ethic and overall competence.

FACILITATE/SPEAK AT OUR EVENTS: Do you seek to impact the next generation of leaders? Share your time, skills and expertise with our students during our retreats and leadership sessions. We also seek to provide constructive role models and motivational people for our students. 

INVOLVE OUR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI: Our students are also available to speak at your event! They have been prepared and and equipped to make a difference as motivators, peer-impactors and educators. They have great stories, experiences and knowledge to share.