intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transformation is a lifelong journey.

KUZA is honored to support outstanding Ugandan students at a critical time in their development, bridging the gap between their teen years and young adulthood. In addition to education sponsorship, KUZA creates a safe and supportive environment for students as they discover their unique gifts and talents and develop their leadership skills. We offer three distinct programs: KUZA Discipleship Program, a two-year course for high school students; KUZA Leadership Program, a three-year course for university students and the Entrepreneurship Development Program that all students benefit from.

how we do it

Rigorous selection process:  The journey at KUZA begins before a student is even admitted into the program. Every year hundreds of students are recommended by our partners. Through a careful and thoughtful selection process, we choose students who demonstrate strong academic performance and outstanding leadership.  All students enter their program their junior year of high school. Once they complete the 2-year high school program, they are invited to apply for the university program.  Read more about the process. 

Good schools:  One thing that sets KUZA apart is that we invest in the best schools in Uganda. There are just a few high schools that feed into the universities, so having students attend the top schools positions them for future success. The curriculum, teachers, and classroom materials are superb. The personal friendships and connections our students make during these years are important foundations for future success.  Learn more about Seeta High School.  Learn more about Makerere University. 

Leadership retreats: For students in KUZA's high school program, retreats are a highpoint of the program. Several times a year during school holidays, students gather for these intensive sessions.  Inspiring presentations, field trips, service projects, and KUZA family connections are all experienced at a retreat.  Our retreats are so well-received that even non-KUZA students are begging to join in the fun!

Mentors & K-family: Supportive partners and staff who are invested in student success combine to create a caring community. This web of support includes teachers, parents, career and business mentors, social workers, pastors, and KUZA peers.  The concept of “KUZA family” is fundamental. High school students develop “family” ties through weekly meetings where they encourage and support one another.  In the KUZA Leadership Program, students live at KUZA House, where they develop more “family” connections.  

Service Projects: Servant leadership is one of the desired outcomes in students' lives.  Service projects are built into the retreats and the KUZA university experience so that students develop an appreciation for sharing their talents now.  Past projects have included:  building a school, hospital visits, volunteering at orphanages and baby homes, working with handicapped children and former street kids, community farming, community clean up.  

Alumni Association: "Once KUZA, always KUZA" is one of our many mottos.  Deep connections and shared experiences between the students knit them together in a way that is life-long.  Students are in KUZA programs from 2-5 years, but the vision of transformed lives is one that continues into the future.

Career and Entrepreneurship Development: We position our students for success after their formal education through internship, volunteer and apprenticeship opportunities that enable them to get the experience and connections they need to attain and retain jobs. Beyond that, we equip them with skills to become job creators as social and economic entrepreneurs.