history is not was, it is.


All great achievements require time and a team of dedicated people, working together towards a common vision. At KUZA, we've been blessed to work in collaboration with dozens of talented and gifted people --many of them volunteers-- over the years to see the KUZA dream realized. Our work is not possible without the faithful support of hundreds of donors and sponsors.  We are grateful for those who have gone before to lay a solid foundation, and we know that the future will be bright because of the strength of KUZA's vision. We invite you to join the KUZA team and impact the future of Uganda!

KUZA 1.0

In 2001, Connie Earwood started a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon to benefit the children of Uganda. She worked in partnership with a local pastor to bring education, teacher training, micro-enterprise projects and healthcare to many impoverished communities in our nation. Several teams from the United States visited to learn about Uganda and support the work in the communities. The partnership between the nonprofits eventually dissolved, but the seed had already been planted which would grow to become KUZA Uganda.

 KUZA 2.0

The KUZA vision of today took shape under the leadership of Sara Reamy in 2007. At this time, Sara and her husband Derek sponsored several individual students at the high school and university level. A team of dedicated sponsors and volunteers from the States championed the vision of higher education and dozens of students were supported. During this time of research and development, the KUZA vision began to expand beyond just a focus on higher education.

Emphasizing quality schools, leadership development retreats, service project and KUZA Family became the hallmark of the program. In 2011, the brand solidified and the first cohort (A) of 8 promising students was chosen and enrolled at Seroma Christian School. Since 2007, it's been the goal that KUZA would eventually be run by alumni and sponsors from Uganda, and the years of 2016-2018 have seen the two sides working together to realize this dream. If you are interested in partnering with KUZA Uganda and would like to speak with Sara about her experiences working with the Ugandan leadership team, please drop her a line at sreamy@georgefox.edu

KUZA 3.0

Under the guidance of Fred Barungi and KUZA alumnus Margaret Kabugo, history is in the making. KUZA Uganda prepares to fully guide the vision into the future. 


The students who graduate from KUZA are truly set apart...

I know the impact of the program will be felt in Uganda in the coming generations.
— Sara Reamy