Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

KUZA is training the next generation of leaders in Uganda. 

Our mission is to equip promising students with education and leadership skills so that they develop their gifts and talents for the benefit of others.Our vision is that young men and women graduate from KUZA ready to make a difference in the world.  Our students are visibly different than others in their generation.  They are well educated.  They are problem solvers.  They work as a team. They are hard workers. They are focused on improving the lives of others. They lead with integrity.  As the students themselves say, "We are nation changers!"

Our values

We are a faith-based organization : We value authentic demonstrations of faith, not religiosity.

We are a leadership program :  We develop students for the transformation of their families, communities, and country. 

We invest in quality education : We send students to the best schools, so they have access to influential ideas, resources and networks.

We are committed to excellence : From the intake process to our alumni program, we do everything to the highest standard possible.  

We focus on building KUZA brand : We intentionally develop students whose character and competences are visibly outstanding.

We define success as discovering and developing your special gift :  We encourage students to pursue their personal passion.

We are KUZA family : We create a system of support that focuses on identity, belonging, and unconditional love.

We work in partnership : We cultivate a network of support for our students, and understand our strength comes from partnerships.

We serve those who need it most : We help empower the disadvantaged to have a brighter future.

We are servant leaders : We use what we have been given for the benefit of others.